Can You Lower LDL Cholesterol Without Medication?

April 5, 2013

Lower LDL Cholesterol Without MedicationHave you had your cholesterol screening lately? If you did, then you must have seen LDL cholesterol in your results. The figure you would want to see for your LDL cholesterol level would be less than 100. LDL cholesterol is referred to as the bad guy or what we call the “bad cholesterol”. People with test results where the LDL levels would yield borderline high, may require some medication. Nevertheless, if your levels are not too high, and you are not at high risk for a heart attack, then you can lower LDL cholesterol without medication.

Disadvantages of Taking Medication for Lowering LDL

While there are medicines available for lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body, a lot of us still opt to stay away from them if we can. This is because taking medicines have the following disadvantages:

  • Medicine can be expensive- If you don’t have a comprehensive health insurance, then you will most likely have to set aside an additional budget for procuring your prescription medicine for lowering your cholesterol.
  •  The side effects of medicine- Whether you like it or not, any type of medicine will always have possible side effects. Taking it on a long term basis is even more dangerous as it can have bad effects on our liver.
  • Monitoring your medicine intake – If you want the medicine to effectively help, then you have to take it on a regular basis. However, with our busy lives, we tend to forget to take it at the right time. Even worse, we often forget if we have taken one for the day and thus we take in more than we should for the day and risk getting overdosed.

As we look into the disadvantages mentioned above, we would definitely prefer to lower LDL cholesterol without medication. Nevertheless, you have to remember that if you choose to stay away from medicines, you will need to make changes in your lifestyle. These changes will include choosing to eat healthier meals and taking more time to exercise.

While we all love to snack on chips and eat ice cream while watching our favorite late night shows, it is something that we need to stay away from and start eating more healthy snacks. Healthy snacks are snacks that do not contain preservatives and gives us a lot of health benefits.

Although it may take a lot of effort to lower LDL cholesterol without medication, the benefits it brings for you and your family in the long run is something that you will appreciate.

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